I want to quickly paste snippets of text and links to be saved automatically. The key is fast saving, not viewing saved content. Private-by-default is a must, sharing capabilities are plus. Any suggestions?


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The term you are looking for is called a pastebin. [re:comments]


The best tool for this is: http://notepad.cc

Notepad.cc http://img2.pict.com/22/49/78/3794650/0/1279198726.jpg

A newer site that is similar to http://notepad.cc is http://wrttn.in


Paste stuff to your friends:

Another app is github's gist, which has a command line interface, too:

  • http://defunkt.github.com/gist/

    $ man gist
    gist can be used to create gists on gist.github.com from the command line. 
    There are two primary methods of creating gists.
    If standard input is supplied, it will be used as the content of the 
    new gist. If FILE is provided, the content of that file will be used 
    to create the gist.
    Once your gist is successfully created, the URL will be copied to 
    your clipboard. If you are on OS X, gist will open the gist in your 
    browser, too.


$ echo "This gist was saved via command-line ..." | gist

See the result at: http://gist.github.com/476709

Private gists are also available.


Zotero Plugin for Firefox, Saves text, pages, files quickly and has the ability to share things as well.

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