I have a Google Sheets with start (C) and end (D) timestamps. I am calculating the time difference using =(D1-C1). I have copied the formula to empty columns which returns a 0 time difference.

Is there a way to hide the value if it returns 0?

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The following formula will do just that:


It says: if the result of D1-C1 equals 0, then show nothing (""), else show the result.

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    Thanks. I extended the formula to =IF(D1>0;IF(D1-C1=0;"";D1-C1);"") so that it will only display a difference if the End time stamp has a value.
    – xylar
    Jan 2, 2013 at 11:44

Hiding 0 may be easier with formatting:


Or you might consider a further step, which would be to blank out where you have a C value but not (yet?) a D one:


In both cases where a result is shown it is displayed as hours:minutes:seconds (but may be adjusted).

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