I wanted to start a separate Twitter feed on a specific topic (with a different user name) that is separate from the primary one I use. When I tried to create the second account it wouldn't let me because it said my e-mail account was already in use (by my primary account, of course).

Is there a way to have two Twitter feeds that doesn't force me to set up another e-mail account somewhere just to use for Twitter?


If you happen to use GMail, you can fool the system. On GMail's end, they ignore "." and anything after a "+" in the username.

All of the following are equivalent in GMail's eyes and would end up in the same inbox:

  • rchern
  • r.chern
  • r.c.h.e.r.n
  • rchern+twit1
  • rchern+twit2
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    That worked great. My e-mail address at gmail was firstname.lastname@gmail.com and I confirmed that firstnamelastname@gmail.com does go to the same inbox. Cool!
    – JohnFx
    Jul 15 '10 at 19:02

If you use gmail, you can register using username+[anything]@gmail.com (replace [anything] with whatever you want) and it will count as a different address.

I don't think it's possible without using another email address and yes it is stupid.

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