I want to...

  • automatically perform a one way sync from Evernote to Dropbox
  • convert the notes to a format supported by LibreOffice or HTML during the synchronization. But any non proprietary and easily editable format will do!

The solution is better if...

  • I can pick the destination folder freely
  • the destination format is supported by LibreOffice, as it's my preferred office suite.
  • the destination format is ODF/OpenDocument, as it's my preferred free and open office suite format
  • it detects which notes are new, deleted and updated so it doesn't have to synchronize everything each time
  • the same solution can handle other similar use cases, such as doing the same thing for Google Drive instead of Evernote

It doesn't matter whether the solution is free of charge or has a reasonable price.

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CloudHQ is a paid service that supports one-way syncing between a variety of cloud platforms

I can't comment on whether or not the output would be supported by LibreOffice or HTML, but it seems likely that it would. I would email the developers.

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