Sometimes when I publish my blog, a picture of a woman I don't know comes up. It's not me. Other people have told me that when they try to share my blog on Facebook, the same woman comes up. How do I get rid of that photo and replace it with my own?

  • I've read your latest blog, and apart from it being a nice blog, I could't see any other woman popup. I checked your google+ photo and all it the same. The issue of 4th of Jan. might cause the problem: knownissues.blogspot.com – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jan 13 '13 at 7:01
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    Hi Melinda. I am Ellie. I have a blog on blogspot too. I visited your blog just now, and followed it through to your Google+ profile that you linked to. I didn't see any other woman's photo. I saw your photo, on both Google+ and on your blogger blogspot blog. I don't use Facebook, so I don't know about that. You have a nice blog! I think that @JacobJanTuinstra is probably correct. Let us know if you are still having trouble, okay? – Ellie Kesselman Jan 13 '13 at 10:40

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