I have looked around, and the answer seems to be no. But, I wanted to make sure, hence my question here. I am interested in writing a Hacker News client app, so am looking for an API.

I see there are some third-party (unofficial ones) out there; but how do I know which is good, bad or just OK? Then there is the problem that Hacker News could pull the plug on these unofficial APIs at any time, thus rendering a client application useless.

I assume that all existing client apps use one of these other APIs?


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Someone has started maintaining an "Unofficial" HackerNewsAPI in github:


(I have no first hand experience of using this API)

UPDATE Oct 7 2014: Hacker News has an official API :

Today we’re excited to launch an official Hacker News API. We’ve partnered up with Firebase (YC S11) so that the data we’re making available will be near real time, which should be a huge improvement for developers who had to rely on scraping the site for this info.

The API is available at https://hacker-news.firebaseio.com/ with some initial documentation and a few examples written by our own Nick Sivo on the Hacker News Github account. Currently, it’s read only, but we hope to improve it over time and may later enable access to private per-user data using OAuth.

  • I am the owner and maintainer of this repo. I'm continuously working on making this API work perfectly. PR's welcome.
    – KGo
    Dec 13, 2013 at 1:22

Hacker News just launched their official API:


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