I am new to Trello and not too technology-savvy.

How can I change the label or title of my lists?

The three default lists are To Do/Doing/Done, but I would prefer to use the board in a different way, using each list to organize a different component of the overall project. There was Can I label a list in Trello? and the answer was that lists cannot be re-labelled.

However, on the Trello Development board the lists are labelled Ideas/Known Issues/Next up, etc. I saw another user's screenshot where her lists were labelled Idea Pipeline and Planning.

So it seems like it must be possible.

Can someone explain this to me?

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Only Cards can be labelled, labelling in Trello means the Card is assigned to a category (represented by a coloured "tab" at the top of the Card).

Lists can however be renamed (their title changed) by simply clicking on the title, which puts it into Edit mode.
When you create a new list (using Options -> More -> Add List from the right-hand-side menu bar) you can specify it's title.


To rename a Card, you can double click the name of the card in the Board and the card name would become editable.


Click on the title of a list to change it.

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