December 13, 2012, last.fm announced that they would be discontinuing their radio service in several countries on January 15, 2013, and that customers could request a subscription refund. I did so the very same day, because the radio service is 90% of the reason for buying it (the other being the event announcements). On January 16 the last.fm client could no longer play their radio, and I have still not heard a single word from them. Has anyone had more luck with this, and perhaps any tips to get through to them?


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I started a thread on the assistance forum on 26th January.

The answer from a LastFm team member was:

Next week, I believe.

So I guess people will get refund in February.


After following the advice in @RenaudDumont's thread I posted the following support request:

Username: [removed]
Last payment: 19. Sep 2012
Paid for: 12 months' subscription
[removed] Transaction ID: [removed]

What is the status of my refund? I requested it on 13 December 2012 and I never heard anything back.

Anybody else having this problem should probably do the same. I wonder how many thousand they've effectively swindled so far...

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