I like draw.io’s interface and was hoping to create some proper Data Flow Diagrams (flowcharts) with this tool. Unfortunately, after playing a few minutes with the shapes available within the Flowchart section, I am concern that it is impossible in draw.io.

  1. Shapes don’t have names as in case of UML shapes—is there an option to display shapes’ names in flowchart section?

  2. I cannot find the shape for Interface (box)—is it missing?

  3. It seems that although there is a shape for a process with sub-processes, it is not possible to actually hide a sub-process under a process shape nor create lower level diagrams that are linked with the 0 level diagram. Or is it possible but I am missing something?

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    1. No, but it's on our todo to switch them back on. 2. Could you link to an image of this shape. I thought the interface is the 4th from left on the top row of the UML section. 3. That's not possible currently. – Thomas the Tank Engine Jan 24 '13 at 14:54
  • 1. Great, thanks. 2. This is how flowchart shapes section looks like in my Opera browser: grab.by/jici currently I am ussing box element from 'General' shapes section. 3. It would be a great feature ie. a possibility to save several diagram files and link them under selected diagram element (or even better include them under an element ;-) ). – Adam Ły Jan 24 '13 at 16:31

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