When I go to the account settings, I see something like this:

Approximate notes remaining:

  • Typed notes: 20,000
  • Web clips: 270
  • Camera phone: 400
  • Audio: 39
  • High res photos: 11

Are these limitations based on the average size of the type of note[1], or are they actually limiting you based on the type of note you create?

In other words, if I'm only uploading tiny audio files (e.g. 10 KB), can I upload hundreds of them (as long as I don't go over my monthly MB limit)? Or am I actually restricted to 39 audio files no matter the size?

[1]: For example, they use a calculation such as: The average size of high res photo is 3.5MB. You have 40MB left, so 40MB / 3.5MB = about 11MB.

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It is based solely on filesize.

You can upload whatever you want until you reach 40mb for the month, provided the individual files don't exceed 25mb.


Evenote states on their page that:

  • Free accounts can upload not more than 40mb / month
  • Premium accounts can upload not more than 500mb / month

Additionally you can only create some filetypes in the free version.

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