A friend of mine just sent me several pictures embedded in his email. We both use Gmail. When I open his email to reply to him, the images are automatically expanded to high-resolution (5,000 pixels horizontally) which makes it very difficult for me to browse through his email, the Gmail interface and even start my response email.

I looked at this thread: How do I force images to hide in Gmail? but the information there seems to be outdated as I can't find the option "Don't display from now on" on my Gmail interface anymore.

Is there a way to ask Gmail to show thumbnails of the pictures embedded/attached in the email, instead of the full resolution images?

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As far as I know, NO, there isn't a way to do this.

It's always good practice to attach the file instead of embedding it. That way the recipient can choose what to do (view or save) whatever their e-mail client.

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