I have read the answer to this question but my system isn't working that way. I am an Administrator. I have 2 Other members for this Board. When I see the Board logging in as the Administrator, the the two members are not listed. As an Administrator, I have several Boards. When I look at a Board where there are three members (myself, and the other 2 members), I do not SEE the other 2 members -- neither on the left side (below my Board) or on the right side. So to get rid of a member of a Board -- I'm not able to do it because I can't even see the other 2.

However, when my co-worker logs onto the system and accesses a Board where he is NOT the Administrator, he clearly sees in the upper right hand corner, the 3 members of this Board. He has no permissions but he can see that I HAVE THE PERMISSIONS.

I have been working on this forever today and I am not seeing something so simple. Please advise.


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Click on the user you want to remove from the sidebar and then select from from board. I just tried so it should work. Good luck

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