I tried to add a keyboard shortcut for searching Google Bookmarks using the option in the right click menu, but when I try to use it, only a blank search box appears. How can I make this work?


I can't recall where I found this solution at the moment (I'll look for it), but the following entry for Location works:


I then added the keyword map for this bookmark, and can simply type "map " in Firefox's address bar to see the location in Google Maps.

[EDIT] Lifehacker has an article on Firefox quick searches complete with a set of bookmarks which includes a Google Maps shortcut.

Also, after some testing, I find the following simpler Location also works:

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    It is also worth mentioning a nice shortcut from that article for getting the correct URL - right clicking on the search input field and clicking "Add keyword for this search" – chukko Jan 10 at 14:34

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