I'm working on an iOS app and I'd like to track and compare events. I started initially with "virtual screen views" and custom dims/mets. That didn't really sit right with me so I looked into the event logging.

Event logging works a lot better except for one thing; it's a lot harder to get to the information I want. For later examples, let's consider the following events:

Category    Action    Label
--------    ------    -----
Ad          Load      Success
Ad          Load      Success
Ad          Load      Fail
Ad          Load      Success
Ad          Click     Stay
Ad          Click     Leave

I've found that I can create a report that filters by Event Category = Ad just fine. I can also add a second dimension Event Action, select Success and Fail, and click Plot Rows. Then I get a nice visual timeline of my successful loads vs. failed loads compared with (and I would actually prefer not have this line, but it is what it is) total events. I can even save a shortcut to this report so that I can return to this configuration more easily.

That's well and good, but I'd like to get these data on my dashboard. I can more or less get what I'm looking for with a pivot table, but not a timeline. I can also get something visually appealing with a bar graph, but for some reason, the bar colors don't match across the pivot dimensions!

If I use custom dims/mets for the events, I can get exactly what I want but it feels like overkill to duplicate the data just for the sake of getting dashboard views.

Another example is I'd like to compare Ad - Load - Success with Ad - Click (being the sum of Ad - Click - Leave and Ad - Click - Stay but I can't find any way of generating that comparison at all with events. With custom dims/mets, it's no problem.

I did learn that I can send custom dims/mets with events rather than page views so I can get the same data I was before without messing up my page views but, again, it feels redundant to have an Event Action dimension that matches my Event Action Engagement dimension.

Are there any common effective ways of comparing event data with Google Analytics?

I'm particularly interested in timelines, graphical representations, and dashboard widgets.

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