I'm a bit vague as to what I am looking for/asking about, but here is an example:

A  | B
22 | 5
15 | 5
2  | 10
19 | 10
5  | 10

=min(A2:A6, if(B2:B6=5, 5)) ==> 15
=min(A2:A6, if(B2:B6=5, 10)) ==> 2

Given a large range (1000+ rows), it only includes in the calculation (which may be min/max/avg) the cells if another cell in the same row contains a particular value.


I believe this is what you're looking for:


The full documentation for arrayformula is at Google Support. "This function allows the specification of a range (or multiple ranges of the same size) in functions that don't normally accept ranges."

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