I recently added a shared folder to My Drive using the option 'Add to My drive'. How do I remove it from My Drive?

Although am unsure whether this is the proper way of doing it but if I check the folder I want removed and then select 'Remove' it removes it. Google should really offer the option to 'Remove Shared Folder for My Drive'.

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Like you said in your edit, you can simply remove (delete) the folder/file from your Google Drive to remove it from your own drive. This is equivalent to stopping Google from continuing to follow updates to that particular folder/file and showing it in your drive.


I found an easy way for removing from My Drive, in a way that shows what is happening:

  1. Select the file or folder
  2. See its details by clicking on the "See Details" button: in "Location", all places where the item is are shown.
  3. click on the "X" at the right of "My Drive"

This way I was able to see where I was removing the folder from, without frightening warnings.


May I add the following: If you synchronise your Google Drive on your PC, the shared folder will appear/synch on your PC drive;
and do not delete the shared folder you add on your Drive via your PC/windows explorer.
Instead you must use the remove function you have via the Google Drive web interface.

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