As a user of the SmoothWheel Firefox extension, I sometimes come across apps that capture the scroll event but don't prevent it to propagate further, resulting in, for example, a map zooming while the page simultaneously scrolls down.

I've reported the issue for Leaflet and for the ACE editor, and it has since been fixed in Leaflet 0.5 (released 17 January 2013). However, the issue still appears in Flickr. To make sure that what's missing for Flickr is an upgrade to the latest version, I would like to know what version of Leaflet do they use, but looking at the page source wasn't enlightening.

So... what is the version of Leaflet that Flickr uses?

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Thanks to the code.flickr.com blog, I found out that they actually maintain a fork of Leaflet. It seems like it was never updated or tweaked on any way, being simply a frozen version of Leaflet at a commit from June 2, 2012, which corresponds to version 0.4. Looks like an upgrade is in order :)

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