Gmail is smart enough to turn telephone numbers into links (most of the time) and so they make them available to click on:

enter image description here

They are a standard telephone link in the format of:

<a href="tel:323-601-1200">323-601-1200</a>

While browsing the web I have a handler set for the tel: protocol and it works fine, but inside Gmail it wants to use the builtin dialer:

enter image description here

How can I keep Gmail from using the dialer for tel: links in email messages?

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Copy from browser

What I do is I generate the HTML to be visible in any website (a blog, one of my sites, a simple html local file written in Notepad, etc.) and then I simply copy the content selecting it directly in the browser and pasting it directly into the signature.

It's been lots of help for decades.

I just recently noted the new version of Gmail destroys those "tel:" links (even though it's a valid current protocol). I've already sent a comment to Google from the last link in the upper-right config menu.

If many people ask for it soon, they will certainly repair that faster.

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