A particular sender (an advertising company) sends a lot of emails daily into my Gmail inbox. Now those mails are important to me, since I am interested in their ads, but every time it is not possible to check them all. So I don't want my inbox to be flooded with their emails. Sometimes I can't work properly with my inbox filled with their emails. So is there a way so that I can mark the sender such a way so that the mail comes as usual, but it goes to a specific folder in lieu of flooding my inbox, so that when I get free time I can check their mails entering a particular folder?

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A strength of Gmail is the use of labels, instead of folders. You need to create a filter to automatically add a label to the message and automaticlly archive the messages.

To create a filer for a message that frequently is sent to you:

  1. select or open a message you want to filter
  2. Under the More pulldown select the command: Filter messages like these
  3. You will then see the form open up with the FROM box filled in.
  4. Google with then show you the messages that the filter has found.
  5. Click create filter with this search.
  6. You can now specify if you want to:
    • Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
    • Apply the label:
    • Also apply filter to x matching conversations.
  7. Click create the filter.

Archiving the messages keeps the message, it just removes the inbox label from the message. Labels can be used to search using label:mylabel. Labels are listed on the sidebar menu so that you can quickly jump to a filter that just shows the messages with that label. Plus messages can have multiple labels.

You can edit/delete/create filters under Settings(gear)->Filter

  • BDW now I faced another problem. The sender sends two types of mails.one is "new product launch" another is "popular discount".Now I am interested in the second one.So after creating the filter both type of mails come to the level.So how can I stop mails of first type from entering the level from the same sender?
    – Mistu4u
    Feb 21, 2013 at 4:38
  • just find some difference between the two emails, such as the subject, and edit the filter to only capture the one you want. Feb 21, 2013 at 10:57

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