I usually keep SMS for most messages off, but would like to get @reply messages so I don't miss out on any conversation opportunities. Twitter is blocked on the PCs at work, so I will often notice an @reply 8-10 hours after it is sent.

Is this possible with Twitter or a third-party server (minimal payment is OK.) ?

(This question has some good general answers, if you dont' want SMS: Be notified of @-messages on Twitter )

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The following site gives one way to do it.

Get Twitter @replies to your cell phone

There are several ways to forward @replies to your phone and most involve following the RSS or using the twitter (streaming) API to forward messages.


One of my Twitter contacts, @Navarr, developed a service called txtMyName that does what you're looking for, and it's designed for use via SMS. I think you still have to contact him for an invitation, or you can see if the default access code at the app's website works.


It isn't SMS, but if you have an iPhone, there is an app called Boxcar ( http://boxcar.io/ ) that is really useful for getting push notifications on various events, including twitter @ replies.

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