I think it will be better if I explain my problem by example.

We have given two Facebook profiles: A and B. A is our profile and B is e.g public fan page profile with public visibility.

  1. Person A publishes post on B's wall.
  2. Now person B writes a comment under person A's post.
  3. Person B gives a "like" on A's post (wrote on his own wall)

Do friends of A person receive notification about A's activity in their news feed in cases: 1, 2, 3?

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  1. Friends of A may see A's activity in their news feeds in case 1.
  2. Subscribers of B who also posted on A's post on B's wall may also see B's activity in their news feeds in case 2.
  3. Subscribers of B may see B's activity in their news feeds in case 3.

Note that I use the word "may" because Facebook chooses what is relevant to show in News Feeds per user, based on each user's number of friends/subscriptions/specialize lists, the popularity of the post, etc. In any case, everything you can see should always show up in the news ticker, which takes more of a "fire hose" approach to showing updates, whereas the news feed attempts to show you only the most relevant news.

You can also read my earlier answers on visibility here and here.

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