I can't find the option now in Google News to search by year. Any idea where it is?

It used to be on the far left.

Now when I google for news search by year I get

Google News Archive Search

and I get this ugly screen up. But notice the part for M/d/yy is disabled. I can't edit it / put a date or rate range in.

screen shot

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In the screen shot you provide, if you change the menu from "in archive" to "specified dates" you'll be able to edit the date fields.


After you perform a search, you should get a button at the top of the search results labelled "Search tools".

If you click that, a menu opens with three filters:

  • All news - which allows toggling between "all news" and "blogs"
  • Any time - which allows you to choose among several different pre-sent time periods or a custom range
  • Sorted by relevance - which you can toggle with "sorted by date"

The custom date range is obviously what you want.

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