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Facebook will not allow me to use "godjhavoc" as my username for my Facebook page.

The thing is, that username is no longer in use so I don't understand why Facebook won't let me use it.

Previously I used "godjhavoc" as my username for my personal page but I changed it to "ibraheempedro" so I figured "godjhavoc" would be available but it is not.

How do I use "godjhavoc" as my username for my Facebook page?

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I suppose, that Facebook is using some kind of delay to avoid fraud or irritations by overtaken usernames.

I see two possible ways (but I am not sure about their likelyness to be successful):

  1. Wait some hours, days, weeks until this delay is over (but it might also well be that somewhen taken usernames are never given free anymore).
  2. Write a mail to the facebook support and ask them to deblock the specific username (but it might well be that facebook support employees can not manually influence the mechanisms of username restrictions).

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