I want to explain my wiki users how to use internal links. However, when I write [[Linktext|Link to an internal site]] with two `` (code dashes) around them, it gets displayed as a link, but preformatted as code.

How can I get it outputed as raw format, so that my wiki's users can see how to enter internal links?

  • If can escape the second bracket and get a raw output with [\ [[Linktext|Link to an internal site]], but can't display it as code with two added ` that way...
    – mcbetz
    Mar 7 '13 at 10:57

It is possible to do so, since some HTML is supported within GitHub's Markdown. Here is an implementation that I was successful in getting:

Assuming that you want to output [[Link|Link]], you can add "<code>&#91;[Link|Link]]</code>" into the text editor. It makes sure that the output will be parsed properly and the link does not render.

Note: "&#91;" is the HTML code for "[".

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