In Google Analytics, is there a way to view the browser/device information for a specific URL? For example, when I have an URL like /specialoffer, is there a way to view the browser/device usage for only this URL?

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In your Google Analytics Account. Click on the "Visitors Flow"

A nice graphic user interface will be shown and choose your Filter choice, i.e. Browser and the whole analysis will be shown.

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First find the page under Behavior -> Site Content, then once you have drilled down to the page and it is no longer a link (leading to other choices), change the primary dimension by dropping down a menu from 'other', under Technology is Browser.


The easiest way is to go to Content > Site Content > All Pages and then choose a secondary dimension of Browser. In a filter, you could also Include Pages Containing <pagename> to display only (a) specific page(s).


The simplest way I could find was Behavior> Site Content > Content Drilldown

  • From there you can click on one of the URLs in "Page path level 1" then select a "Page path level 2".
    • Alternatively, you can select Page, then the specific page URL you're looking for.
    • Once you are down to the page or page level you were looking for add Operating System as primary dimension and Device Category as a secondary dimension.

Select page path or page

add device dimensions

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