My university has Google Sites that are in its own domain (Google Apps for Education). At the bottom of a regular Google Sites page there is usually the following set of links:

Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Remove Access|Powered By Google Sites

However, with the Education version of Google Sites, there is no Sign in link:

Report Abuse|Print Page|Remove Access|Powered By Google Sites

Does anyone know why this is different and/or how to achieve a quick sign-in? The work-around is to sign in to my Google Apps for Education Gmail (which my school doesn't use yet) and then navigate back to the page.

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If you're the site owner, then you're able to check if the footer can show the sign-in option.

Go to the site and press the key combination g then m or choose from the more pull-down menu of the Manage site option. Then select site layout:
enter image description here

Followed by system footer:
enter image description here

If the sign-in option is ticked, then it will not show:
enter image description here

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    The word "admin" is vague here... there's a site owner and then there's the "admin" for the entire domain. In fact, I found out that as the site owner I can modify the system footer. I think that is what you meant in this answer? I think the site configuration overrides the domain configuration. Commented Mar 16, 2013 at 17:02
  • @Fuhrmanator That's what I meant. Thanks for clearing that. Feel free to edit the answer. Regards,
    – Jacob Jan
    Commented Mar 16, 2013 at 18:10

I found another way that seems to work without being admin. The sign-in URL that appears in non-Education sites looks like this:


where SITEURL is the URL of the page you want to edit (via sign in).

So, I hacked the URL to put the SITEURL of the page I tend to edit a lot. Then I saved the URL as a bookmark.

There's probably a way to do this as a marklet, too...

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