I've had one email address on Yahoo for several years and I want to make a new Yahoo email address. I do have many contacts currently. The obvious, but slower way of letting my contacts know about my new address would just be to send them a mass email informing them or responding as needed.

Is there a function within Yahoo, that if a contact emails me, it informs them that I'm not using that email address anymore and here is the new address?

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Yahoo mail offers this as a feature of Mail Plus that is available at an extra cost.


Without paying for Mail Plus, you have two options:

  • Create an extra email address instead of a separate account.

    You can do this in Options → Mail Accounts → Additional Email Adress.

  • Enable auto-response.

    In Options → Vacation Response, you can configure an automatic response that tells everyone who sends you an email that your address has changed.


I know that it works with gmail. All one has yo do is simply enter their old email's pop3/ imap/ smpt info and you can send and receive from said old email as well as the new one. I'd say get a gmail account and use that anyways.


I think you have to change your old account to a paid account to get mail forwarding. Don't know if they have an "on vacation" function.

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