I am trying to enable YouTube for the users, but the YouTube service is not showing as a service on my Google Apps Free account. Screenshot below:

Screenshot of the Google Apps services control panel

Clicking "here" to add more Google services does also not show Youtube. Also searching does not show YouTube.

Because it's a free account, Google says:

  • Phone support - Not available for your free edition of Google Apps.
  • Email support - Not available for your free edition of Google Apps.

What can I do to enable YouTube for my Google Apps users?


Here's another option:

  1. At the bottom of the admin console page, click More controls.
  2. Add the Other Google services link to your console by dragging it up.
  3. Click Other Google services and enable it.

Since this is still an issue in 2019, below is the link I used to enable YouTube for an old Google Apps (Free) account. The link takes you to the service status settings for YouTube in your Google Apps admin panel.


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    Dec 28 '19 at 0:06

Once I log into the Google Admin Console I was able to manually got the URL:


and activate YouTube in the drop down menu just underneath the YouTube logo

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