I use Instagram on my Android phone and since the last update I can't send photos. I have identified steps on how to reproduce the error and have a very specific bug request to report, including device name and model, app version, OS version, etc., etc.

I just can't find a way to do this. I browsed their help site, and found nowhere to report an error.

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When I opened the Insagram help site, it displayed the content in my (non-English) language. I tried searching for more possible solutions, and upon encountering a content available only in English, it offered me to change the site language to English (apparently in a permanent way).

Only after that I was able to browse to this page, that as March 2013 says only:

Instagram is crashing 
If your Instagram app is crashing, please file a bug report here.

And links to a Facebook page with a bug report form.

There's also an email contact address at the app page on Google Play. (The address - aimed at Android users, obviously - is android-support [AT] instagram [DOT] com). However, messages sent to this address are replied to with an automatic message redirecting to the official help page.

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