If an email is seen in Gmail’s Sent Mail folder, should it not match the same email in the inbox folder?

Can an email appear to be sent in the folder but not sent?

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There are two situations:

  1. If it was sent as an individual email and not as a reply to a previously received one, it should be in the Sent Mail folder and only there.

  2. If it’s a reply to an Inbox email (which I assume you are referring to), it depends on whether you deleted or archived the email in the Inbox. If you archived the email/conversation, the sent email is still visible in the Sent Mail folder, but the original is no longer visible in Inbox. Likewise, if you sent the reply but deleted the email (not the conversation, but the individual email) in Inbox, then, again, the sent one will be still visible in the Sent Mail folder while there is nothing visible in Inbox.

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