Ever since Hotmail was switched to Outlook.com, I could no longer open my emails. The emails are shown there, but it does not open even if I try to open it.

How do I resolve this and resume viewing my email messages now? Do I need to download a program that I wasn't made aware of? If so, is it free? I am currently using Windows Vista.

  • OS shouldn't have anything to do with it. What browser (and version) are you using?
    – ale
    Commented Apr 3, 2013 at 12:36

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I had the same problem where I couldn’t open any mail or even open my folders; all I could do was look at the screen. But I did find an answer that worked for me: by resetting Internet Options I was able to open everything. I opened Tools and went into Internet Options, clicked Advanced and hit reset. It asks if you want to reset personal settings and I said no and after it was done, I reopened IE and it worked.

Hope this helps.

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