I'm trying to write a simple formula that concatenates each entry in a given column of a spreadsheet, interspersed with newline characters. In other words,

=CONCATENATE(B2, CHAR(10), B3, CHAR(10), B4, CHAR(10), ... , CHAR(10), B130)

Is there any way of achieve this without having to type the whole thing out by hand? Even copying and pasting so I just have to modify the cell references is pretty laborious. I was thinking that there might be some way of implementing a for loop?

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You need the JOIN function. This function joins all the elements in an array (ie. a 1-dimensional range, a single column or a single row) separated by a common delimiter (your CHAR(10)).


I believe the CONCATENATE function has a limit of 30 arguments, so that could also have been a problem.

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