I never used any app on Facebook, but the current (and previous) page for managing friends is not very useful.

I have some friends (~250) and various lists, with different names and privileges. I'm looking for an app that:

  • shows me all friends without list
  • selecting a lists, shows me friends in the selected lists
  • easy way to move friends from one list to another

does something similar exist on Facebook???


After some searches I finally found the needed app..

Friends Manager CRM

You can:

  1. Select one or more than one friends
  2. Drag&Drop friends from one list to another
  3. Display all friends/ all friends in one particular list / all friends in no list
  4. others (read the app description...)
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  • No longer works after 1st of May 2015. – Gaia Dec 25 '15 at 22:28

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