I am using a Google spreadsheet to track entries by several users. How do I measure their productivity per day? Or per hour? I have the timestamp field, a user field and other fields, but what I want to do is see how many entries per day each person makes and then chart them if possible.

Is this possible? And if yes, how?


see how many entries per day each person makes

For this the time of day (part of the timestamp in ColumnA) is not required, so I have inserted a ColumnB, labelled Day, with formula in B2 of:


Then pivoted ColumnsB:C with range reduced to relevant rows (ie Sheet1!B1:C218) ), Day for Rows, Name for Columns and Day again for Values (Summarize by: COUNT), with Show totals unchecked for Rows and Columns.

Then selected the pivot table, Insert > Chart and chose Line chart. With other setting as defaults and a little formatting, the result (which I don't claim to be a meaningful measure of efficiency) was:

WA42869 example

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