I know how to use MAX(A1:A30) to get the highest value in the cell range A1 to A30.

But how do I get the second or third highest value?


The following formula, will allow you to choose the highest value you want:


The formula explained from the inside out:

  • The SORT function will sort the range DESCENDING via the FALSE statement (high to low). The 1 indicates the first column.
  • The UNIQUE function will exclude any duplicates
  • The INDEX function will allow you to select the order you want: 1 for the first, 2 for the second....and so on.

I was about to write a script and found out that the problem can be resolved by good old formulas !!


Try looking for the SMALL and LARGE formula.

I'd use:


UNIQUE to pick and look only for the different values in the range. The number 2 is for the 2nd largest number.


I know I'm late but if anyone wants to get the 2nd Highest Value treating ties as the same rank then the following will work:


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