Quora only shows its first answer on a question's page, the rest gets blurred out.

It then asks the user to register to read all the answers. I really do not like such bullying tactics and I hence will never register.

Yet before I blacklist Quora entirely from my Google searches, I wonder if there was a way to read all the answers without having to register.


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Add the get parameter


at the end of the question's URL, and all the answers will show. You have to set it only once per browser session.

I have built a Chrome extension to automate on pre-load. (It's also open source.)


I would add to k0pernikus's great answer that the ?share=1 is officially supported and promoted by Quora (it is not some ephemeral hack that would go against their policies):

Marc Bodnick (Leads Quora business & community teams, executive at Quora):

Open any Quora URL. If you come across a Quora link anywhere and you want to read it without being asked to join Quora, you can add the text "?share=1" to the end of the URL. Example: http://www.quora.com/Hostage-Situations/What-does-it-feel-like-to-be-a-hostage-negotiator?share=1

You can use the Google Chrome extension Block Quora Login Popup too.


Quora Unblocker userscript automatically adds ?share=1 at the end of every Quora URL.
How to install user scripts

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