I recently migrated all my gmail into outlook.com. I did that via POP3 fetch and my gmail sent mail went into my outlook.com inbox. I then fixed that by searching all mails with me as the sender and moved them (in bulk) to the sent folder of outlook.com. This was done via the WebApps's HTML/Browser UI itself.

Now when I view the sent items folder in Outlook.com directly (web browser), for some reason those mails I moved from the inbox => sent folder are still get listed with the "from" addresses only. This is seen below.

enter image description here

How can I fix it so that they display the "to" addresses when living in the sent folder?

Update: When I sync Outlook.com with Outlook 2013, the "to" addresses are all proper; so I suspect this might be a bug in Outlook.com's HTML view renderer.


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