I have a Gmail account with my own person email address like [email protected] . This all works fine. Backed up in my Gmail account I had other email ids with other characters/names before the @myemailid.com . I know that these emails are backed up in my Gmail account but I have forgotten what names I used. How can I do a search for a backed up email that starts with 2 characters, as in **@myemailid.com ?

Is it possible to search for an email address that only has 2 character before the @?

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Try it that way in the search box:

to:(@myemailid.com) NOT to:([email protected])

It doesn't exactly search for 2 characters before your @ but it excludes your current address from the results for @myemailid.com


You should try creating a Filter. Enter @myemaild.com in the from and do a search. That will yield all results from that email.

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