Currently I think I would just screen shot a popular tweet from @aplusk or someone else I am trying to reference but

  1. I am always stuck with cropping
  2. People say I could have "photoshopped" it and it is not real
  3. I have to link the tweet link to the image but any links inside the image I cannot link.

Is there something an app or a Plugin that I can just place it "live" into my Blog (so it shows just like on Twitter) ?

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Blackbird Pie (now defunct) used to do exactly what you are looking for: simply paste the URL of any tweet into the form on that page and it will generate static HTML that you can embed into your blog.

You can now embed directly via the Twitter UI by clicking "Embed this Tweet"

Embed the Tweet

There is additionally a Wordpress specific plugin as well as a Google Chrome extension for using Blackbird Pie.


As far as I know, there's also a Twitter-web app you can find via their site, that allows you to embed a user-specific timeline via html. It's not static, since it's basically just a miniature timeline window, but it sure looks genuine and non-photoshopped :)


Now I also found the Link :)

(Scroll down on the Twitter main page and look for "goodies" in the footer.)

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You can use Twitter's embed-this-tweet code, but there's one little challenge with the way that Blogger's post-editor strips out <p> tags.

It is possible though. I started an article about this ages ago and got distracted—just finished it for you now: http://blogger-hints-and-tips.blogspot.ie/2012/06/put-working-twitter-messages-in-blogger.html

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