Today I got a notification from a person I'm not friend of (although we have 22 mutual friends) to like his page.

I thought this wasn't possible. Is it a paid feature or what? I can't understand how he sent me that "like my page" notification.

  • Did he send it to your personal profile or to a page? The latter didn't used to work, but recently I've found that my pages can invite other pages to become fans. – MaryC.fromNZ May 3 '13 at 11:24
  • He sent the invite to like his page to my personal profile. – emzero May 3 '13 at 15:39

When a person with admin privileges for a given page access the "Build Audience" menu in the Admin Panel:

  • the "Invite Friends..." item should allow him to invite only friends (of that admin). He should not have been able to invite you this way, if you are not a direct friend.
  • the "Invite Email Contacts..." item should allow him to invite anyone for which he has an email address. It is possible that this was used to invite you, as I assume that if the invitee has a Facebook account associated with the email address, that the invitee will receive some sort of Facebook notification (and not just a purely-email, non-FB, invite).
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Unless you disabled it, anyone can send you messages. This can be adjusted by using the “Who can contact me” section of the privacy shortcuts.

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