Using Google Music, it is possible to:

  • "Download my library" via Google Music Manager
  • "Download free and purchased" via Google Music Manager
  • Download specific albums via the Google Music web application

I want to keep a particular computer synchronized with my Google Music library, but I don't want to have to download each new album that I purchase. For one, this uses up one of my two downloads of that particular album; for another, it seems like the ability to synchronize only newly purchased albums and tracks should be included functionality.

Is there a way to download only the albums and tracks purchased since the last local synchronization?


This procedure works (on Linux, at least), but is time-consuming and bandwidth heavy.

  1. Purchase a few albums via Google Play
  2. In Google Music Manager, select "Download Free and Purchased"
  3. Wait for 1500 songs to download.
  4. Run a script to delete duplicate files that are created by the previous steps.

Script to clean the Music/ directory:


# This script searches for duplicate files in the Music subdirectory
# stores those files in 'duplicates'
# and then deletes those files

find Music -name *\(1\).mp3 > duplicates

while read line;
    do rm "$line" ;
done < duplicates

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