There's a sound clip on soundcloud that has a "download" button.. It's a large mp3 (150 MB+), when I click it, download starts on the crappy chrome and due to some reason, it got stuck at 60%.

Now I want to resume this now. I've known that wget and other download managers can resume such failed downloads (in this case, .crdownload files), so I went on to grab the direct link for soundcloud.. The closest I could get was to initiate a new download in chrome, and in "Downloads" section, find the download and right click > copy link address. I used this in both wget (with -c parameter) and Free Download Manager.. none of them work. Here's what FDM gave:-

AM 10:23:35 18/05/2013 Starting download...
AM 10:23:36 18/05/2013 Access denied. Invalid user name or password
AM 10:23:36 18/05/2013 Stopped

Is there any way to get a proper download link of soundcloud so it can work on external download managers?

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Why not use Offliberty website. Copy the URL and paste it into the big bar inside the website and hit the button. You will get video and mp3 download links.


download the file using chrome... press ctrl+J to open download tab from where you can access the download link easily....

also..if the file is less than 100mbs big, use this site to convert it into a zip which will be directly linkable and resumable...

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