I'm not the Google Apps Admin but he wants me to create a Gmail account and add it to chat so that everyone else in the domain can talk with this Gmail account.

The problem I'm having is I that most of the invites aren't showing. I've sent an invite from account@gmail.com to user1@domain.com, user2@domain.com, user3@domain.com, etc. and only the accounts from the IT department have the invite show up from account@gmail.com.

Now I just want to know if there's a setting that blocks chat invites from outside the domain?

Because if there is, I think he probably enabled it since he restricts a lot of other stuff.


check out the following steps

  1. At Administration Console, go to Orgs and Users > Orgs, and then click the users organization

  2. on organization management page ,click sender's list below the inbound service section

  3. On the Sender Lists page, in the Approved Senders field, enter approved addresses or domains that apply for all users in this org. Separate multiple addresses with a comma.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Similarly, add senders whose messages you want to block for all users in the Blocked Senders field, and then click Add.

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