I used to browse Google Play apps through my laptop regularly. Is there any way that I can store the Android applications (.apk files) into my laptop? In other words, download the .apk file straight to my PC.

I wish to backup my .apk files for my personal testing with my Android simulator.


Real APK Leecher works...so should apk-downloader

(but downloading .apk is not recommended...you might instead want to save it to apk through device)

EDIT: steps for Real Apk Leecher

  1. use this app to know your device id
  2. Download Real Apk Leecher and enter details it asks for (it asks for your google account password, so rather create a new account for this purpose exclusively)
  3. start earching and downloading apps

note: though it enlists even the paid apps, it can download only free apps...and you need Java Runtime to run the app...worked about 6 months ago....should still work perfectly...

  • i tried real apk leecher the download is very slow,and apk downloader solved my problem thank a lot – BlueBerry - Vignesh4303 May 24 '13 at 6:50

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