I have added several interesting blogs to my feedly RSS feed, but I would like to mark all the articles there as unread. Is there a way to do that in feedly?


You can now on a item-by-item basis. The quickest way is using the keyboard shortcuts n to select the next article in the current feed and then m to toogle read status to unread.

  • That's at least something, thanks, however some RSSs are hundreds of articles long. Upvote, but no answer yet
    – Kromster
    Jul 25 '13 at 5:29

Scroll down to load all articles inside the feed you want to mark as unread, press F12 to open the Developer Tools Console, paste the following code in the console, and hit enter (source):

 .forEach(markAsReadButton => { 
   if (markAsReadButton.title === 'Mark as unread') { 

It works, but you have to remember that Feedly, at least on the free program, only saves articles 30 days old, so only these will be saved as unread.


Go to https://feedly.com/i/label/feedly.history and log in. open console and write in:

document.querySelectorAll('.EntryMarkAsReadButton.rounded.EntryToolbar__button.button-icon-only').forEach(div => {div.click()})

this works for have loaded and read news, so you shoul reload website and run this command in console again until all news will be marked as unread.

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