This one:

enter image description here

I really want to use it!


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Simply type 8-) or 8) or B-) or B) in your comment.

Here are some links for more smiley emoticons:

  1. New Facebook emoticons & chat pictures
  2. Yahoo Messenger emoticons
  3. The Smiley Dictionary
  4. All Facebook Emoticons
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    This is incorrect. This is the emoticon with glasses.
    – phwd
    May 28, 2013 at 14:53

Facebook now supports new set of smileys in comments and statuses. Actually it's only available on iPhone or Android phone using 'Emoji' keyboard... But still you can use these emotions without any smartphone by simply copy/pasting this small box or this symbol: ' 😻 ' in your comment box.

Here is the link for more smileys like these:

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