I synced Gmail in outlook.com to use Gtalk one week ago.

My contacts are being synchronized with Gmails, I wanted to remove the synchronization link between my two accounts to clean my contacts on outlook.com because I don't want Gmail contacts in my outlook.com contacts.

The problem is that after a week without synchronization, link deleted on the two accounts, my Gmail contacts are still in my list on outlook.com. It is impossible to delete a contact on outlook.com because according to the website, the contact is managed via Gmail.

Frustrated, I even deleted all of my Gmail contacts, but they stay in outlook.com and can't delete them.

I tried posting on the Microsoft forum but it does not work. I hope you can help me.

Someone know how I can delete contacts (in outlook.com) added by my synchronization with Gmail?


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I had the same problem! I had to disconnect and re-sync and disconnect for it to finally get rid of them.


Manage accounts

Remove Connection Completely.
It should take a moment and then the contacts should disappear. if it doesn't work re-connect to Gmail again and disconnect again. otherwise I have no idea how I got it to finally work. (I think you have to be under the manage acct. for it to read the action.)

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A way to delete them from outlook.com contacts hub

  • The initial status is that my Gmail contacts stay in my outlook.com contact list when the link into the two accounts is deleted. I can't delete Gmail contacts on outlook.com.

    1. Disconnect the link in the two accounts.
    2. Go on Gmail, export your contacts and delete all.
    3. Re-sync your Gmail account on Outlook.com. After 5 mins, all Gmail contacts will be deleted on your outlook.com contact list.
    4. Delete the link between the two accounts.
    5. Go on Gmail an import your contacts.
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