I'm trying to replicate a Data Flow Diagram using Draw.io.

I'm using the oval basic shape but there are not enough fix points.

Is it possible to add more?

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You can add fixed points by changing the style, as per this example.


The accepted answer links to the right documentation but it seems helpful to have a fully detailed answer on Stack Exchange, including a copy/pasteable example.

Here's the steps:

  1. Right click your shape
  2. Pick "Edit Style" from the context menu

    right click menu

  3. Add a key points with a value with an array of coordinates (values between 0 and 1 for place on the side of a shape), e.g. points=[ [0.0, 0.0], [0.0, 0.5], [0.0, 1.0], etc ]

    add style to shape

  4. Click apply and you're done.

Here's a particularly useful example:

10 anchor points per side (incl. corners):


Or, the full style for a default white rectangular box:


Looks like this:

end result

Also useful for standard boxes, example with 5 points on left/right, and 10 on top/bottom:

  • Note that the points are moved to its nearest outer Edge for Example when your shape is a 5x5 Rectangle and you set a point to [0.5,0,5] it will be rendered like [1.0,0.5]
    – maxbit89
    Commented Jul 29, 2020 at 8:29

Hope this helps someone, I wrote a python script to generate the string for evenly spaced points on a rect



I'm guessing the downvotes are due to not explaining this well. If you run the code from that script as a python script it will print out the "points" array that you can then copy-paste into the drawio style. Here's a link to run it in the browser so you don't even need python locally: https://trinket.io/python3/ae199c59c1

Modify this section:

top = 0
left = 0
right = 13
bottom = 0

Running this will print out:

points=[[1.00, 0.00],[1.00, 0.08],[1.00, 0.17],[1.00, 0.25],[1.00, 0.33],[1.00, 0.42],[1.00, 0.50],[1.00, 0.58],[1.00, 0.67],[1.00, 0.75],[1.00, 0.83],[1.00, 0.92],[1.00, 1.00]]

Then copy-paste:

enter image description here

And voila:

enter image description here


Select the element you want to change. Click on edit style and add the parameter points after a semicolon:

points=[[0,0], [1,0],[0,1],[1,1]]

The example above will create 4 fixpoint in each corner. So you need list of lists [[x_i,y_i]] with elements between 0 and 1.


With the intention to make it clearer and as specified in the documentation the connection/anchor point can be places even inside the shape by using the third parameter (1 = tight the point to the edge, 0 = place it anywhere inside the shape) Negative numbers default to 0 and bigger than 1 default to 1

Activation for Snappoints makes easier to tie connectors to anchors.


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