I want cells in a column, to have drop down menus. Then, the rest of the row needs to match the corresponding column set.

Here's an example that explains what I want:

Sheet 1:
A1, a drop down menu of the values from sheet 2 column A
B2, the corresponding value from Sheet 2 Column B

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I will guide you to the solution:

First Step

is to set the drop down menu's (combo box) on the range you want. In my example it will be in sheet1, having range A1:A10. From menu Data, choose this option:

enter image description here

Set the criteria range, to be the range in sheet2 (values in combo box):

enter image description here

Now the values will appear in the first sheet:

enter image description here

Second Step

is to add the following formula in cell B1 of sheet1:

  {2} * SIGN(ROW(A:A)),0)))

This will automatically populate column B, with the values found in column B of sheet2, corresponding to the input given in column A of sheet1.

See the example file I've prepared: COMBOBOX and VLOOKUP

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