How do you find the searched on text after we get Google search results? After we get to the page where is the relevant answer?

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Using your browser's find-function is indeed the way to do this, as per the previous answer.

But be aware that the searched-on text is not necessarily included as text in all the items in your search results.

For example, if you have searched for "obscure phrase", and someone has a website that includes a picture for which the alt-text is "obscure phrase", then that website may be included in your search results, even though the text "obscure phrase" is not visible on the site to someone who is experiencing it through a regular web-browser and not using screen-reader software.

It's also possible that as Google's OCR of images gets better, search-results will contain images of the things you are searching for even if the specific search-text you use isn't in the image's file-name or alt-text.

  1. Select a link from your Google search results, and click on it to visit that website.
  2. Press the keyboard combination Ctrl+F or Cmd+F if you are on Mac (the same keyboard combination works for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox) to display a Find (on This Page) search box.
  3. Type the searched for text in the Find search box and press Enter or use one of the other Find search box options that may be available in your web browser such as Highlight all.

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